To put it simply, organic food is packed with nutrients.  Your baby's digestive system is more efficient at absorbing food to enable the nutrients to be used up quickly to meet the demands of their fast developing bodies.  Recent research has shown that switching to organic crop consumption is the equivalent to eating one or two additional portions of fruit or vegetables per day.*

A baby's body is developing so fast and it is vital that alien chemicals do not disrupt its development during this important time.  With many additives now linked to behavioural problems, including Monosodium Glutamate, Brilliant blue, Aspartame and Quinoline Yellow.  Research has shown that a mixture of additive, which are commonly found in children's foods, can have a more potent effect than each additive on its own.  All of these additives are banned under Organic Standards.


Its much kinder to the environment.  Organic farming works with nature, not against it.  Farm animals are reared humanely and not routinely fed antibiotics to suppress disease or promote growth.


Our products are all certified organic by the Soil Association, a UK based certifying body.

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